I am an Edinburgh based writer. I like a lot of things, including quiche, Dean Martin and trying on other people’s glasses for photographs. I suspect there are a lot of blogs about those things already, so I thought I would write about something I don’t like. And that thing is whisky. I am giving myself one year to try and acquire a taste for the drink and will chart my experiences right here on this blog. Feel free to take part too, or just sit back and laugh at me instead.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d love to join in Miss Malt, but I fear that all my hard work in recent years in an attempt to get fitter, would be undone in one bottle. Good luck in your quest to convert your palate, I look forward to your weekly warblings and promise I won’t laugh out too loudly! x


  2. I’d love to get in touch with you. I too am a writer and filmmaker. I am producing a travel web series and I will be in Edinburg April 29 to May 2. I’m doing a segment on women and whisky. I’d like to interview you at your favorite whisky bar and if you could introduce me to other whiskey women and provide me with some names of women distillers, I’d be very grateful.
    Best wishes
    Valerie Brockbank
    Appy a Go Go LLC
    Los Angeles, Calif.


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